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The Essential Hydroponic Supplies for Success

As a newly interested or novice hydroponic gardener, the broad array of information and possibilities may feel overwhelming. From hundreds of products, systems, plant choices, and more, information overload and creep into the mind and create fear of failure or even paralysis about which path to first travel.

hydroponic tomatoesThis anxiety is a normal part of becoming familiar with the field. Fortunately, the entire set of parameters can be simplified to help you compartmentalize and understand the various essentials. Any time things start to feel overwhelming, bring it back to these basic items and your task will seem much more manageable.

The Three Essentials – All You Need to Know

Everything about hydroponic gardening can be boiled down to three simple groups that are easy to remember, separate from one another, and therefore easier to investigate in isolation without too much compounding information getting in the way.

Your Grow Location

As a newcomer, it’s recommended to start small until you have a better handle on the methodology. This means you can choose tight and accessible places within your own home as it already is to grow your plants. For instance, you can simply grow a set of herbs in the windowsill of your kitchen or living room. Any table can become host to a hydroponic centerpiece. You can partition off a portion of your basement or garage as well for medium sized operations. The options are truly endless. Large growers may even build a sun room or greenhouse if they wish.

Your Chosen Systemhydroponics

The choices of which hydroponics system to use are more narrow than you think. Depending on how much hardware you want to build or accumulate, you can choose just one of the three main types of systems, or try them all at some point until you settle on your favorite.

For sake of brevity, the four types will only be listed here. Take the time to learn about each so you can make an informed decision about where you want to start. While there are subsets, remember there are only four main types, so don’t feel overwhelmed! They are:

  • Deep Water

  • Ebb & Flow

  • Aeroponics

  • Drip Systems

That’s it! It’s truly that simple. Each has its benefits and weaknesses, but one will surely fit your style and time investment capabilities.

Your Grow Lights

For small hydroponic installations like a set of herbs on your tabletop, the light from the sun coming in through the window will be enough and go through the appropriate light cycles for you. You can disregard this section entirely at first! As you entertain more complex setups, you’ll want to learn about grow lights.

In a basement or garage you’ll have to provide the plants with light if there is no sunroof or windows. This can be quite beneficial during the winter or cloudy months since you can continue to regulate an optimized cycle of light for your plants. Take the time to learn about fluorescents, HIDs, and LEDs to find out what a proper strength and power demand is right for you and your plants.

And That’s All – Quick and Easy

That’s truly how simple growing hydroponics can be. There’s no need to panic or gets antsy because you can most certainly manage all of the information by keeping track of it all in the fashion mentioned above. Enjoy the journey and explore one option at a time and you’ll have the whole thing mastered in no time at all.